Studio A

This is a classic “big studio” complete with 2 isolation rooms, a large format analogue console, racks & racks of gear and tons of MIDI equipment. No “A Room” is complete without the Monster Main Speakers, and yes we have them. The system is built around Quad 15” main monitors, Dual 21” sub-woofers, and is tri-amped by 8 Bryston amplifiers. The entire system has been customized with a money is no object approach, including highly customized electronic crossovers, multiple transparent protection systems, and fully vibration isolated enclosures encased in sand, concrete and steel. We also have 7 sets of additional stereo monitors, all powered by Bryston amplifiers.

This is where you will hear your mix the way you always imagined it, and because the room and playback systems are properly tuned & isolated, your mixes will translate into the outside world perfectly. We are constantly told that we have one of the best sounding studios in New York!