Video Editing & Post Production

Professional, state-of-the-art Post-Production Suite for rent! You supply the editor. We offer an on demand, uncompressed video post-production facility that you rent and operate yourself. These days most work is done at home on a laptop or desktop running Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas Pro or Avid software. But when it comes time to online your work, or do serious color correction, you don’t just want to use some regular LCD monitor.

How about our $32,000.00 professional color correction system that is true HD and gives perfectly calibrated colors? What if you are dealing with professional broadcast and you need to do up-conversions, down-conversions, or cross-conversions? We have the ultra expensive & specialized gear to do exactly that.

Outputting or digitizing professional broadcast tape? We have a variety of industry standard decks, including: BetaSP, Digi-Beta, Sony HDCAM, old school gear: U-Matic, DVC, ProHD, Varicam, MiniDV, VHS, S-VHS, DVD, Blue-Ray, etc… In either case, give us a call or contact us to set up an appointment to rent our suite. You provide the editor / post operator. Our equipment racks are logically laid out using industry standards, so you will have no problems navigating your way around our suite. Our Post-Production Suite is a Telly Award™ winner!