Music Production

Mixdown Recording Studios has several music production services available. We work closely with all components of music production, across every conceivable genre. The best part of it is that we have specialists that have built their lives upon being the best that they can be in their specific music type. So, if you are a pop singer looking for commercial tracks, tailored fit to your style, we have strong relationships with those types of producers.

Maybe you are a rapper or a country singer... Trust us, we would not use the same guy that plays a Bayou-style steel guitar to program a rugged drum loop and “flip a sample.” We know who to call. We have built up a Rolodex of highly skilled producers, musicians, engineers, arrangers, composers, and vocal coaches, as well as vocal producers, who can make your music the best that it can be. We have worked with every type of artist there is, so we will know what to do with your project, whether it is one song or an entire album.

Our relationships span the entire industry, from producers that charge the fee of an average house in America (per track!), down to super-talented up & coming producers and musicians who can work on a budget and deliver their talent to you.

Our facility lends itself to creativity. We have multiple control rooms and isolation booths that can give you the space and equipment to be your creative best. Please contact us to let us know more about your project.