Format Conversion

Mixdown Recording Studios is your format conversion one-stop shop. We are specialists in high end audio format conversions, and can transfer your recordings to various other formats.We offer all standard bit depths including 8 bit, 16 bit, 24 bit, 32 bit & 64 bit. Our sampling rates are from 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, all the way up to 192 kHz. We use audiophile grade converters with pristine signal paths with solid state, as well as vacuum tube analog equipment, and the latest up-to-date digital audio production and digital video production software.

We are able to convert any digital format into any other digital format. For video conversions, we can provide up-conversion, cross-conversion & down-conversion. We use the best encoding algorithms & codecs available.

We can also improve the audio quality of your recordings with mastering services, and if needed, audio restoration & forensic audio services. Please contact us or send an email to our management for detailed information. We are equipped to do audio restorations for all file-based digital formats. Our in-house formats include:

○ A.D.A.T.
○ DA-38, DA-88
○ MiniDisk
○ D.A.T.
○ Cassette Tape
○ 1/4” - 2 track analogue tape (reel to reel)
○ Old school 8 Track (like in cars from back in the day)
○ Vinyl & Shellac Records (with high quality turntables & cartridges)
○ Digital recordings of any kind

○ DVC ProHD (small, medium & large formats)
○ Sony HDCAM (small, medium & large formats)
○ Digi-Beta (small, medium & large formats)
○ Mini-DV
○ U-Matic
○ Ultrahigh quality flatbed image scanning