Audio Restoration

Audio artifacts come in many types and every restoration project is unique. As such, each job is individually quoted based upon its complexity. Rates are quoted upon review and assessment of components submitted. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Mixdown Recording Studios utilizes various analogue & computer based equipment, the world's premier tool for restoring audio recordings. These advanced processes isolate and eliminate audio artifacts such as hiss, scratches, hum, mechanical and impulse noise. Audio Restoration is not a single process or software module, but a set of effective tools to remove bothersome noise without compromising the program material.

Audio Restoration can be utilized to restore old recordings, remove unwanted noise from live recording and repair audio materials that may have suffered damage. Audio Restoration encompasses a number of specific processing techniques including:

● Manual declicking
● Production declicking
● Broadband denoising
● Decrackle
● Complex filtering
● Extraneous noise reduction
● Speed/pitch change
● Vocals enhanced
● Shellac/vinyl records copied and cleaned up

We are equipped to do audio restorations for all file-based digital formats, as well as the following other formats:

● A.D.A.T.
● DA-38, DA-88
● Minidisk
● D.A.T.
● Cassette Tape
● 1/4” - 2 track analogue tape (reel to reel)
● old school 8 track (like in cars from back in the day)
● Vinyl & shellac records (with high quality turntables & cartridges.)
● Digital recordings of any kind.

● DVC PRO HD (small, medium & large formats)
● Sony HD cam (small, medium & large formats)
● Digi-Beta (small, medium & large formats)
● Mini-DV
● U-Matic