Qualified Engineers

What is a “Qualified Engineer”? Generally speaking, somebody who has graduated from an accredited audio engineering program or school like I.A.R., 5 Towns College, Full Sail, SAE, Music Conservatories, etc. or a veteran old-school master from “the city”...

The ugly truth is that these days there are a lot of totally incapable “engineers” out there, because of the low cost computer based recording gear that has proliferated the industry. Many people opt to engineer their own projects because they own a small project studio at home. That’s fine with us, but you must understand that in a large studio mistakes can be very expensive.

If you have a basic understanding of signal flow, patch bays, Pro-Tools, outboard gear, and general engineering, then we encourage you to do your projects yourself in our studio, but please remember that you are responsible for any damages done to the studio by you or anyone in your party. In a million dollar facility mistakes can be expensive. There is also a growing trend for people to use novice engineers, and depending on their skill level, this may also work. Just please be careful when using somebody with little or no experience, because not only is your session usually only as good as the engineer, but it can also lead to costly equipment damage (blown speakers, blown headphones, major computer problems, damaged gear, etc...) So please use your judgement.

Generally, we can show most capable engineers their way around the room (signal flow, patch bay, routing, etc.) in about 10 minutes. This is great and you can really stretch your recording budget because you are saving on the cost of a professional engineer.

If you would rather opt to use one of our staff engineers for your session, please let us know.