DDA DMR-12 Automated Analog Console

At the heart of our studio is a 56-channel, British-built analog console for the ultimate Mixdown experience. Our recording desk is a DDA DMR-12. It is a large format split-console design analog console that has 56 channels, Uptown “flying faders” automation and a built in Bantam patch-bay. This is a legendary console that has over 20 gold & platinum records created on it. It has mic pre-amp's that have that classic clean character British EQ sound, that is very musical.

Our carefully designed control room and accurate, high powered, ultra-accurate monitoring system ensures that your music will translate well into all listening environments. Match all this with a comfortable, acoustically treated live room and our competitive rates, and you’ll find that you have discovered the best deal on studio time in the New York Metro area.

Please look at our Equipment List for more information on how our studios are set up.